We are looking for researchers to explore the vast wealth of knowledge that modern medicine has accumulated, and apply that knowledge to personalized medical solutions. The job consists of locating, reading and analyzing relevant literature as it applies to unique medical problems, and then preparing reports for doctors and patients. Research analysis will include the use of statistical methods, critical appraisal of reasoning and methodology, and compensation for biases that impact available literature.


Work will be in the form of projects assigned to the researcher by their manager, and assignments will be completed individually outside of the office.

  •     Candidate should be familiar with the reading and analysis of scientific papers.
  •     Candidate should be able to use technical terminology, and quickly gain proficiency in new scientific fields.
  •     Candidate must be able to summarize large amounts of knowledge and communicate that information to doctors.
  •     Candidate must have familiarity with common sources of bias and error in medical research.
  •     Candidate should feel there are clear and correct answers to many commonly debated questions.
  •     Candidate must be comfortable making decisions and judgments under uncertainty.
  •     Candidate must have experience with working on their own outside of an office environment.

Preferred, but not required:

  •     Experience with consulting and independent contracting
  •     Medical degree, or PhD in a technical field
  •     Professional use of frequentist statistics and Bayesian logic
  •     Professional knowledge of biology


Compensation will begin at a minimum of $50/hour, with room for exponential growth in compensation with a record of quality work and with experience.