How does the process of engaging MetaMed work? 

You can contact a representative by phone at 1.800.621.6163, chat with our representatives online, or contact us via email. Our representatives will help you work out a MetaMed project that’s right for you and your health.

What will my MetaMed project include? 

Each MetaMed project begins with a physician consultation. Next, we review your medical history and determine the focus of your research. Then, our research specialists engage in personalized medical research to find the answers to the questions that matter to you, which are contained in the MetaMed report you receive.

What will my MetaMed report contain? 

Your report will provide actionable options from which you can choose to improve your health. For each of these options, we include the information necessary to understand and act upon that option, such as explanatory background information, a quantification of costs and benefits, and service providers of specific treatments. In addition, the report will contain the research that went into those actionable options, so you can learn from and expand upon our work.


Once I have the MetaMed report, what do I do with it? 

You will use the information in the report to understand the key information about your unique situation, and the bottom line of what that information means to you, allowing you to get the best health outcomes by making the best decisions and getting the best care. Depending on your situation, you may wish to provide this information to your primary care physician, specialists, and other health care providers. You are also encouraged to freely share the report with anyone else who could benefit from its information.

Can MetaMed follow up after the report is finished? 

Yes. Every report comes with a section detailing what further research can be done if the situation changes, if new information is found, or if a larger budget is provided.

My case needs personalized attention. How much time will MetaMed's Counselor spend with me? 

All our levels of service include many hours of detailed, in-depth, and personalized attention to your case. The exact amount of time will depend on the complexity of your case, and the level of research service you request. Please discuss timing and appointment schedules with your Personal Counselor.

Will MetaMed be in touch with my doctor? 

Some of our patients prefer to include their doctor every step of the way, while others prefer that we work independently. It’s up to you.

I don't have a doctor. Can MetaMed help find one in my area? 

Yes - we have a growing network of doctors, and we'd be happy to research available doctors in your location for our report.

Will MetaMed researchers be talking directly with my doctor? 

Upon your request, the physician assigned to your case may schedule an appointment with your doctor, either to obtain more background information before beginning the research, or afterwards to discuss results.

Who is responsible for getting my medical reports to MetaMed? 

Healthcare providers are legally obligated to provide you with copies of your medical records. Your MetaMed Personal Counselor can help you decide which records and laboratory results to send, and whether to mail or forward electronically.

I can't get all my medical records to MetaMed. Can I still get an accurate report? 

In most cases, we can still proceed with research, but missing records may limit the scope of your report. Your MetaMed Personal Counselor can answer this question during your intake interview, and advise accordingly.

What types of studies and information will MetaMed use to evaluate my case? 

We use information from your personal medical records, the latest in scientific publications, and our own private databases. Please refer to our Research Process for detail.

How do I know my information is private? 

MetaMed is HIPAA compliant, and stores all patient records on a secure, encrypted server. If you have any concerns, please contact us for details about how we handle private medical records.

I'm outside the US. Does MetaMed accept international patients? 

Yes, but there may be additional complexity, depending on the jurisdiction. Call us at 800.621.6163 for details.

Does MetaMed only research rare diseases? 

No. We research everything from rare forms of cancer to diabetes, and even conditions like aging and obesity, which aren't usually seen as diseases. Our Bayesian research uses prior probabilities to take disease frequency into account - common diseases are usually more likely than rare ones.

What type of medical training does the Personal Counselor have? 

Personal Counselors may be licensed physicians or other experienced professionals.

Is MetaMed a tax-deductible medical expense? Can I pay for MetaMed with a health savings account (HSA/MSA/FSA/HRA)? 

We think so. However, the IRS determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis, depending on your particular circumstances, so we can't guarantee it for any given research project. For more information on IRS rules, we recommend consulting a tax professional. We're happy to work with you to discuss financing options for your MetaMed research plan.

I don't have insurance. Can MetaMed help me? 

Yes. We don't discriminate against the uninsured - there are no markups or extra fees just because you don't have insurance. We also offer financial aid for qualifying individuals.

Will my insurance company be notified of MetaMed's findings? 

We do not send our reports to insurers, and we will not share your medical record with any third party without your written permission. However, if you provide your doctor with a copy of your report for your medical record, your insurance company may be able to access it. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Will my insurance pay for this service as a 'second opinion'? 

Unfortunately, most insurance policies will only pay for a second opinion by a single doctor, not the higher level of service that a personal team of experts provides. Check with your insurance company for details.

Can I try MetaMed before committing to a large purchase? 

Yes. If your case has a larger budget, we can start with a smaller, trial report to ensure quality of service, and confirm that MetaMed is the right choice for you.

How many undiagnosed patients has MetaMed had? 

Approximately 40% of our patients have been undiagnosed. As of September 2013, in every such case we have completed, we have provided information that has helped point to a helpful change in their treatment.

How much does the service cost? 

MetaMed will work with you to determine the scope and depth of research appropriate to your unique medical situation, research request and budget. Each case is unique and involves detailed, personalized medical research by our research specialists.

Can MetaMed diagnose my condition or confirm my diagnosis? 

MetaMed will always check to make sure that your diagnosis is consistent with your medical records and the information we get from your physician intake, and we will let you know what diagnoses are more or less likely based on that information, but only your doctor can diagnose you.


What types of actionable options does MetaMed investigate? 

MetaMed does not discriminate between different types of actionable options. Whether an intervention is surgical, pharmaceutical, or a lifestyle change, we’ll take our search wherever the research takes us and wherever you would like us to look. We answer the questions that matter to you, and that often includes focusing on the answers that fit your interests and needs. We do not, however, ever recommend taking any medical action, instead giving you the facts so you can decide.  

Additional Questions 

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