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Three Exceptional Individuals Added as Scientific Advisors

Naureen Nayyar

MetaMed has added three unique and interesting individuals to our advisory board as scientific advisors. Mr. Paul Roossin, Dario Amodei, and David Dalrymple have each worked on science research that is not always related to their undergraduate background.  Not only have they each done interesting research in the past, but they are advocates for better science education and research being promoted too.

MetaMed In-Depth View in MedCity Monthly Startup Index

Naureen Nayyar

In July, MedCity News wrote an article about MetaMed.  Recently they released their first monthly startup report where MetaMed is placed at the front page of the startup in-depth section.  Readers can get a view of other health startups that are doing interesting work, and read a bit about healthcare startup trends that are summarized.  The report provides an in-depth analysis of eight other companies.

July 18th: Dr. Putman and MetaMed's Andrew Rettek on Cure Panel Talk Show

Naureen Nayyar

This July 18th, Cure Talk Panel Talk Show, a part of CureTalk/TrialX, shall host Dr. Matthew Putman, and advisor to MetaMed, along with Mr.Andrew Rettek, one of our team members.   The topic of discussion for the Cure Panel, shall be Nanotechnolgy as Prevention. Dr. Matthew Putman, is the owner and CEO of Nanotronics Imaging, a high-tech, microscophy, and software company.

AMA Recognizes Obesity As A Disease

Naureen Nayyar

Chicago, IL- On June 18th, 2013, the American Medical Association’s (AMA) House of Delegates at their annual policy meeting, voted for a resolution recognizing obesity as a disease, going against the AMA’s own Council on Science and Public Health’s recommendation. The group of about 225,000 US doctors, also made other recommendations of moving Americans and physicians towards a healthier state of being. The recognition was covered by numerous news agencies and considered a major shift that will help with combatting the United States' obesity problems.


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