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Dr. Heine and Prof. Putman Join Advisory Board

Naureen Nayyar

MetaMed welcomes the continuing growth of our advisory board with highly talented and qualified people of their domain.  Dr. Heather Heine and Professor Matthew Putman both joined our advisory board this spring and will be each bringing their diverse skills and creative insight to our board.  

Dr. Heine is the founder of Talking20, a provider of at-home health data service delivery. The venture allows customers to measure levels of vitamins and hormones in their blood cheaply and easily. Much like the others in our board, Dr. Heine is an expert in many things, and was called a "multitasker extraordinaire", by the media site for the University of British Columbia, where she finished a MD-Ph.D program in 2011. Her entrepreneurial way of looking at solving big problems in science, make her a great asset to our team as a medican advisor. 

Professor Putman is a musician, scientist, producer, author, and the founder/CEO of Nanotronics Imaging, that according to his site is "a high-tech, cutting edge, microscopy and software company delivering rapid testing and analysis solutions to sectors ranging from materials science, and semiconductors to life science and medicine." Professor Putman has a Ph.D in Applied Physics, and has a diverse skill set that makes him a colorful addition to the board as our science advisor. 

Both of these individuals have not only done work in academia, but worked to make entrepreneurial projects around their other passions.  While in college,  Dr. Heine co-founded the first student-owned cafe at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and Professor Putman is currently composing a ballet on the life of Kurt Godel and finding an affordable cervical cancer test to be used in sub Saharan Africa.

Please visit our advisory board to learn further details about these two bright individuals.