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July 18th: Dr. Putman and MetaMed's Andrew Rettek on Cure Panel Talk Show

Naureen Nayyar

This July 18th, Cure Talk Panel Talk Show, a part of CureTalk/TrialX, shall host Dr. Matthew Putman, and advisor to MetaMed, along with Mr.Andrew Rettek, one of our team members.   The topic of discussion for the Cure Panel, shall be Nanotechnolgy as Prevention. Dr. Matthew Putman, is the owner and CEO of Nanotronics Imaging, a high-tech, microscophy, and software company.  His scientific focus currently is in advanced materials and nanosystems.  Mr.Rettek comes to MetaMed with an understanding of economics via his degree on it from Columbia University, and also being part of the organizational team for Singularity Summits, at a research organization called MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) and currently works around client relations.  Both of them shall be taking questions via online submissions prior and during the online chat.   

Dr. Puttman and Mr. Rettek shall be joined on the panel by Kimberly Blozie who currently does business development at Nanotronics Imaging, and two young researchers, Arjun Nair, and Sarthak Sinha, both working in lab research. 

The event takes place at July 18th, 6PM EST, use the link below to register, and e-mail about questions you wish to ask. There might be a chance registered listeners will gain an opportunity to ask the panel questions. 

Seat is limited, so please add your name to the list to listen in on the conversaton:

Here is a link to learn more about the panelists: