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MetaMed In-Depth View in MedCity Monthly Startup Index

Naureen Nayyar

In July, MedCity News wrote an article about MetaMed.  Recently they released their first monthly startup report where MetaMed is placed at the front page of the startup in-depth section.  Readers can get a view of other health startups that are doing interesting work, and read a bit about healthcare startup trends that are summarized.  The report provides an in-depth analysis of eight other companies.   One of the more interesting and "cuddlier"  products was Teddy The Guardian, by iDerma, which is a Croatian company.  Teddy the Guardian is the first smart toy with built-in medical sensors that takes your blood pressure.  

MetaMed's co-founder, Michael Vassar provided information about MetaMed for this in-depth analysis.  The report compares MetaMed's research process to that of how a lawyer builds a case. Michael Vassar is quoted as saying: "[MetaMed] is for people who are willing to conclude that the system is the level of broke that it actually is, but people who still believe in science and values."  

To read more about what the report has to say about MetaMed and the other interesting startups included in the July Monthly Startup Index, go to the link, fill out your e-mail information, and the report is free to download and further monthly reports will be available to you via e-mail for free if you please.

Image Courtesy of Healthcare Global.

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