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Three Exceptional Individuals Added as Scientific Advisors

Naureen Nayyar

MetaMed has added three unique and interesting individuals to our advisory board as scientific advisors. Mr. Paul Roossin, Dario Amodei, and David Dalrymple have each worked on science research that is not always related to their undergraduate background.  Not only have they each done interesting research in the past, but they are advocates for better science education and research being promoted too.  They bring to MetaMed unique knowledge of science research and versatile life experiences that will help us gain diverse views and advice on doing exceptional research and solving world problems through personalized medical research.

Mr. Paul Roossin is known for his time working at IBM's research division where he and his team created the most accurate machine translation system for translanting French text into English.  You can read the description of the approach in the journal paper,  "A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation" which he co-authored with other IBM research team members.  Paul went from working fifteen years with IBM, onto more entrepreneurial work with some friends.  He served as CIO of the company, a shopping meta-review site, that was later sold to NYTimes. Want to learn more about Paul Roossin's views around science innovation and education? Here is an interview with Paul Roossin by Nanotronics Imaging founder Dr. Matthew Putman, who also serves on our advisory board.

Dario Amodei is currently a post-doc at Stanford Medical School. He recently was the recipient of the Hertz Foundation doctoral thesis prize, which is awarded annually upon merit to three science-focused researchers whose theses has a "purpose of solving difficult, real-world problems."   Dario finished his PhD at Princeton, and currently goes between there and Stanford for his research that focuses on quantitative proteomics with applications to clinical biomarker discovery. Aside from his desires to contribute to the world via research, during his time at Princeton he looked into giving to charity, which led him to GiveWell. What caused Dario to donate to GiveWell? You can read Dario's guest post around his decision to donate to GiveWell in 2009 at this link where he walks readers through the process that led to his decision.

David Dalrymple is part of the growing world of independent scientists in the bay area. He is currently working on Project Nemaload, for which he got an initial grant from the Thiel Foundation to create a complete computer simulation of a nematode's neurons.  Much like the other two additions to our board, his background is diverse.  As an early achiever, he became the youngest person ever admitted to a MIT masters program when he was admitted at age 14 to begin graduate studies at MIT Media lab.  He has had the chance to work as a T.A for Marvin Minsky, who some consider the godfather of AI, and Ray Kurzweil, who is known by many as the author of the book, The Singularity is Near.  As the other advisors, his passions are beyond just his research, but also about promoting better science understanding for others.  He is also pursuing trying to build a research center that is inspired by the early Bell Labs culture around innovation and science.  Want to learn more about his life as a young scientist?  Visit David's blog to see what are some of his intellectual interests. 

To say the least, these three individuals are not only highly qualified and valuable to MetaMed, but have and shall continue to serve as valuable contributors to the world whether it be science education, culture, or a new field altogether.   We look forward to gaining insight from them, and brainstorming about the future of personalized medical research.  Please visit our advisory board to learn more about their backgrounds, and reach out to us on social media to ask us about advisors or anything else.