Personalized Medical Research:
Our Technical Approach

Your research team at MetaMed is interdisciplinary and includes physicians, applied mathematicians, engineers, and researchers.

Read about our research into the mathematics used to interpret risks, tests, and studies: Bayesian Networks for Risk Prediction PDF

Analysing the Data
One of the most cited studies in the medical literature demonstrated that at least 80% of the findings in medical literature are false. We analyse the data ourselves and draw unbiased conclusions.
Assessing the Value of Diagnostic Tests
We’d like to believe that diagnostic tests are accurate. In fact, to varying degrees there are always false positives and false negatives. Before drawing conclusions, understand the predictive value of your tests.
Knowing Where to Look
The human body is complex and systems are interrelated. Our research process starts with a map that includes all possible correlations, so that no stone is unturned when searching for answers.
At least two of our expert researchers and a Medical Advisor will review results to rule out any errors, omissions or biases, so the report you receive meets the highest standards for professional research.

The MetaMed Team
Interdisciplinary team with expertise in medical research